When you have a dog or cat that needs to look great or they just need some extra TLC, depend upon the full grooming services of Dewberry Dogs and Cats! Grooming - Our canine appearance technician will help you decide which cut is best suited for you and your dog.


Starts with a  blueberry  tearless facial  massage followed by soothing  aromatherapy shampoos and  conditioner. All shampoos are bio-degradable, herbal and hypoallergenic. Our specially designed hydrosurge spray nozzle loosens the thick undercoat with warm sudsy water while massaging the entire body. This deep penetration of spray assures your pets get completely clean.


It's on the sofa. It's all over your favorite clothes. It drift across the living room floor like tumbleweeds. Our furry friends will shed but we can help! Bring your furry friend in for out deshedding program today

Additional Add-ons:

Medicated Baths: $10.00

Flea prevention : $10 (1 month)

Herbal Flea Baths: $10

​Skunk Bath : $10 to $20

Coconut Oil TMoisturizing treatment: $10 to $20

Teeth Brushing: $5.00

Dematting : $1/minute 

Super deshedding : $10 to $20

Nail Trimming or Grinding: $10.00 small dogs $15 medium/large

Handling charge : $10 to  $ 30

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Dog Grooming in Boston

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