Appointments are required for grooming services, walk ins are welcome for nail trims and quick services and baths

Grooming time 1-5 hours depending on breed .

Dogs should be picked up within one hour after grooming is finished so we can have space for all clients.

If you are running  late please call us,clients that are more than 30 min late may have to reschedule.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment call at least 24 hours ahead to avoid cancellation fees.

We love to provide cage free for our furry clients,please make sure you allowed your dog to use the bathroom before you come in, for a more comfortable and clean experience.

We do not accept dogs that are infested with fleas, agressive ,extremely matted or unhealthy.For safety reasons we dont accept new clients for grooming over 12 years old.

We specialize in AKC breed cuts and creative styling for mixed breeds. All grooming can be customized to your life style and preferences. Dewberry also offer high quality, specialty shampoos and conditioners to maintain your pet's coat in optimum condition.

Dewberry Dogs

Grooming Services

 Starts with a  tearless blueberry facial  massage followed by soothing  aromatherapy shampoos and  conditioner. All products are made with natural ingredients. Our specially designed hydrosurge spray nozzle loosens the thick undercoat with warm sudsy water while massaging the entire body. This deep penetration of spray assures your pets get completely clean.

All baths and cuts include nail trim,ear cleaning,and anal glads expression(if needed)


Baths and Haircuts

Hair cuts and bath prices vary according to dogs breed, coat condition and behavior.
Add ons:
-Medicated Baths: $10.00
-Flea prevention : $10 (1 month)
-Herbal Flea Baths: $10 
-Skunk Bath : $10 to $20
-Coconut Oil Moisturizing treatment: $10 to $20
-Teeth Brushing: $5.00
-Dematting : $1/minute (no longer than 30 min)
-Super deshedding : $10 +
-Nail Trimming or Grinding: $10.00 small dogs $15 medium/large

-Anal glands $10-15
-Handling charge : $10 +
-Late pick up fee $10 (1 per min after closing time)

-Missed Appointment fee $25